Thursday, January 13, 2011

No eyelashes, no sleep

The 2 aren't related. I think?

I've had the most unbearable sleeping problems for the last 2 years. It's become worse and worse, until now where I sleep 12 hours a day (I could sleep far more than that really), I don't even subconsciously hear my alarm ring 5 times in a row with the volume on max, I'm dead asleep. And I even have troubles to fall asleep. That's a first for me.
I decided I need to go see a doctor, before I go back to real everyday life, cause being late at work everyday is not cool. But I don't want medecine, just some explanations and advice :/ it's getting on my nerves, we're already loosing far too much time of our lives by sleeping, and I have to go to the extent of sleeping half a day.

Other than that, I've been craving mooaaar fake lashes since coming home from Japan. To think it's been almost a year T.T and I'm realizing we're in January, holy shit! How did that happen?

I didn't buy that many over there, but it's fun how I ended up buying several things that are gyaru classics, without knowing! I bought Diamond Lashes <3 And my lash glue just so happens to be D.U.P., that I see people talk about as the best of the bests. I thought that was quite funny. I didn't spend a big amount on the glue for nothing!
Cause oh boy is glue and eyelashes just expensive and unusable big pieces of crap here in France.

I really want Emika Kanda's eyelashes, even though sometimes they look.. weird.
The lower lashes seem to be the Diamond princess ones I have <3 too bad they do not look anything like that on me, hah.
She is soo cuuuuute! Besides Sakurina (who is my godess between), I think she's one of my faves. She has that magical gyaru thing going on XD a concept I'm still working on!

And as many many other girls I want Kumicky's. Now we do know what she uses normally, Diamond Lashes Dolly Eye, but when I see them on others they just seem very short and spider like. I'm sure she uses extra lashes for the corners..

Now here, I'd like the number 6 ones.. and I do believe that's Emika's eye. What is iiit, I wanna knooow! WHINE!

Photos from ohyeahgyaru and lovekumicky tumblr

Oooh lashes LASHES! I shouldn't buy any, I need to save money..

Tomorrow, I need to be productive. Instead of doing nothing all day, I'm so sick of being such a dead piece of meat T.T

Anchu ❤


  1. Aren't there any bigger pictures from the scans our do you know from which issue they are? A friend of mine knows a little bit japanese, maybe he could translate the text below the eye.

    Anyway, DEAR ANCHU :D I want to give you a blog award! If you want t have it, pls read :-}~

  2. Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire sa me fait vraiment plaisir de voir qu'il te plait ^.^

    (malgré mes fautes d'orthographes nombreuses et une syntaxe loin d'être parfaite!)

    Ah Monica Tang, une fille vraiment adorable du peu que je lui est parler étant donner que je suis loin d'être bilingue T.T

    Concernant les faux cils merci de m'avoir prévenu,je ne pensais pas qu'il pouvait être long.

    Oui j'ai vu les baby cute aussi mais en fait l'effet "colle apparente" sur la modèle ne m'a pas plu :/

    merci de me donner ton avis ^.^, je suis encore perdu parce que j'aimerai vraiment pouvoir comparé en vrai mais je n'en trouve pas sur paris >< !

    ps: j'espère que ton problème de sommeil va s'arranger !!

    kisuuuu ^.^

  3. (hey, it sucks how you can't reply to comments!)

    Ragrunzel> I sure have a bigger scan but it just tells us some personal infos about the eye's owner XD nothing about lashes. Dammit! Information about lashes is vital!

    Myou> Mais noon, on fait tous des fautes de temps en temps, tant que c'est pas quasiment fait exprès, ca gène personne je pense x3

    Et ouais, les faux cils c'est pas ce qui pollule le plus en France.. mais je me dis qu'il devrait quand même bientôt y avoir un magasin qui en importe.. Ya toujours pas assez de gyaru dans ce pays, hmpf!
    Pour la colle apparante qu'on voit sur la photo c'est vrai que ca m'as un peu choqué, surtout que je pense pas que ca se voit normalement sur les maintes gyaru qui en porte!
    T'as allée voir sur plusieurs blogs qui font des tests de faux cils? Yen a pas mal après tout ^^

  4. Argh, shit xD the scan is a bit useless then..