Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting a job and finding the best roomie. (Getting a life, more accurately)

I got the job! So now I work in a place that used to be like a pilgrimage place for me, hah.
In the first 4 days I was euphoric, I was so excited about this job. On the 5th day I was already fed up with it. Routine is fast to come, but what really bothers me is my terribly boring co-workers. Why you no sing and dance with me grrlz? D:

So it was where the lolita meet-up took place and I did say I'd put the photos up so here they are~

Dessert glass: Strawberry mousse with chocolate mousse and cake base topped with fresh strawberrys, and a big greasy hot chocolate (and I'd like to insist on the greasyness of this chocolate, I've seen it cold right from the refrigerator... ew <3 )

I do not remember all of their names but most of them I do. But I'll leave that out for now.
I showed them the place in front of the Opera house where there were this Mana cosplay on the artsy fartsy wall depicting nazism in a retro way. I don't remember the name of the artist but I remember I saw it on the Scape forums. We were lucky that we catched the wall while it was still there, 2 days afterwards it was down x)

As always I never get good photos of my outfits but.. blah.

JSK. Angelic Pretty's Pop something something.
Blouse: Btssb
Shoes: Pleaser's Bordello.
Everything else: Whatever.

The Bordello Shoes were a big hit as always. I love them, those red bitches.

Besides that, everything is going so easy for me, I don't really know what's happening. I got a job in a span of 1 month and a half, and then I find a room just by the snap of a finger. Magic happens I tell you.
The first room I visited was in a cute little appartment, the room was big, and it's located in the district where I used to live in Copenhagen as a kid. Where all my best memories lie. The tenant, Mia, just happened to be the nicest, cutest girl and we clicked instantly. I stayed for more than an hour to chat and she came late for school. Oops. We have so much in common, and that came as a shock for me as it's so rare that random people I meet are either into Japan, alternative fashions or the 50's.

And, I got the room. See, this goes too smoothly. One room visited, one room GET!

I'm moving today actually ☆ I'm excited and anxious. It's going to be so nice living with my new roomie, and it's a delicious feeling to know that the excitement of living together is mutual. The "OMGz can't wait!!" texts are endless between us haha.

Oh and 10 minutes of public transports in the evening from now on instead of 3 hours? I say yes.

I need a bike. Hahahihhihu~~☆❤✰

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Denmark Hygge.

So I'm here in tiny small little Denmark, out in the country side, where I pretty much spend my time biking back and forth from the library. Cause biking is fantastic. And I need the internet. It's pretty ironic, in France I've got an old internet connection, here I've got none at all at my cousin's house. Internet curse pursues me.

I've been here for, actually, almost 3 months! Gah. I started searching for a job about a month and a half ago and I've got quite some get-backs already. People kept telling me it's terribly difficult to get a job in Denmark, because of the international PLUS national economic crisis. Half of the danish population is unemployed apparently. Welp, seems like it's not all that difficult, it's going SO much better than in Paris. I got like 3 job interviews in the span of 2 years and some over there, and that was only in the Sales period. No real job.
It does seem that finding a full time job here is very difficult. Either they just don't have full time employees, either they've reached their quota needed. So I see that as a great opportunity to combo up on jobs :D Which is way more fun I'd say. And I meet more peoplez that way. AND I get a double experience to slam on my CV later on. BOOYAH!! In your face, France!

While here I've met up with my cousin Anette, who used to be like my sister and I's older sibling. We hang out with her constantly and my mother and her were very close. Then it happened that my mother broke off the relationship, as she always does as soon as something displeases her a tiny bit, and me and my sister didn't get to see her anymore. It had been 8 years since last and I was REALLY nervous about meeting her. But, she was the same as always and I had a grrrreat time talking with her while sharing a cheesecake and slurping elderberry sirop. I practically didn't shut up during the whole afternoon, which is really strange coming from me.
I do have a hard time figuring out what kind of relationship we can have now, as I, the kid, has grown up and we're now 2 adults.It would have been easy if we'd kept on seeing eachother during my teenage years, but we haven't and so it's quite hard finding the right balance.
Talking about love and relationships is weird, going out to get a cocktail seems off. We've ended up being almost 2 strangers who'll have to discover eachother over time. And that is really sad.

Random Denmark photo time!

This is fucking Hogwarts! Some über-rich-families school for kids from all over the world. It's just next to my cousin's so I go there for walks and whatnot. They stay there while their parents travel the world doing serious business. And they've got uniforms and all. Needless to say, I can't stop myself from staring at them whenever I see them. uuniiifooorms <3 And there's a river and a forest on the other side of the river and this big green ground and benches at which they sit down having lunch and ARGH HOGWARTS!!!

 One of the best things on earth: Strawberry purée with fresh cream. OMG.

Cinnamonroll and O'Boy cocoa. Mmyum.

Got a package from my mother with warm clothes and MON+AMOUR Madousho's! I still need #70 though. And the holder and pendant. I'll never get those, for sure.

 I'm crazy about this sight.This enveloppe. It's adressed to The Royal Theater of Copenhagen, which is the place of my childhood dreams, and the stamp is of my favourite children's program. Bamse og Kylling <3
I'm trying to get a student job over there and I sure do hope I'll get an answer. I so wanna be a part of The Royal Theater once again. It represents all my shattered dreams.

Aaaanyway, I've got a job interview tomorrow at Disney Store (Yey!), and on Friday and Saturday I've got a job try out at a Tea Salon. The very same tea salon at which I went with a bunch of Danish lolitas some days ago x) I'm happy we went there, I really hope they'll keep me. A Lolita working at a tea salon, woopie!!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's been some time..

 It's been MONTHS yah! It really did look like I was never going to write again. Well nope! I still have my blog on mind and I'm back!
Things are finally happening in my life so it's actually worth writing about and remember. After 2 years secluded in the middle of nature at my Mom's place in the South of France, I'm finally out of there and I decided to take to Denmark for some months, and maybe work here. I'm going to talk about that in my next post, but first I need to get the fantabalous Közi live report out of the way.
The day before the live I went to the first lolita meeting I've ever been to. It was quite unplanned and half assed, and I was greatly nervous. But in the end, it just so happened to be the first time in years, literally, that I felt at ease with some people, actually enjoyed myself (!!!) and didn't want to go home. It was so damn relaxed and I got along especially well with one of the girls, or so I felt. Too bad I wont see her before long. Booh.
Headed to Nôtre-Dame

Cheap girl only getting water..

Muriel's first time at Starbucks. Poor girl didn't know what she missed out on.

The day of the live, 10th of April 2011

Woke up early, in order to have my 3 hours of preparation. Now I'm always greatly dissapointed of how I look after a lot of painting and up-doing and tralala, but this day, I adored how I looked. Everything was nearly perfect. I ended up thinking my make-up made me look like a nice little grandma (that's a good thing in my mind). Then I realised I looked like this beautiful woman, whom I adore and always gush over when flipping through Ageha:

Airi Kisaki

That was a pretty good ego booster for the day. Unfortunately, no picture of the make-up.

This day was really busy and a LOT of fun for me, because I had a bunch of people to see. My usual crowd, the lolitas I met the day before, and some Scapers - Scarlet Penta and Alejandra. I was frolicking around between all the different people which was quite confusing, and I didn't want to come across as snobby, just leaving people to go see some others. But I think I managed pretty well!

Muriel, meh and Ben.

  During our camwhoring time, we could hear Közi band rehearsing. Grottesca and Crimson Star, which.. made Muriel cry. I understand that a song can mean a lot to someone but I'll never get the instant crying.
The charity concert was first and there were nearly NO ONE in the hall (which was too big, so the sound was crap. Like really, crap.). There were mostly rap stuff, the kind that doesn't really belong at a convention but hey, I was into it anyway! Then after what seemed like an eternity, Közi band, Miyu, Kenzo and Stefan from dead sexy inc came on stage For one song. That I didn't..recognize? With no sound, just noise. A big WTF ensued.

Before them coming on stage, we spotted them waiting at the side of the stage. At the moment I saw Charge, I knew I was going to be crazy about that guy for a looong time. And I was right. He's a wicked weird crazy ass drummer with skills. Mad skills. Love at first sight you might say.
 I think he was the one who were late and made the crew crazy. He leaned over the bars while looking at the act on stage, yawning like there were no tomorrow. All those who recognized him waved at him like crazy but he was spazing out. Until he realized and began smirking as hell and waving back.

First glimpse of Közi. We were freaking out.

Then after this.. weird representation, was the signing session. They came with the merchendizing a bit late, installed everything, and sat down for the session to begin. In the middle of everything in a very relaxed way. Sisen was playing the sales clerk her. Fun.

And what did they have at the merchandizing table?? They had baaadggggggessssssssssss! I've been dreaming of being in possesion of one of those for so long, and now I've got some! I got some pretty nice ones. But not the Közi logo unfortunately. Sad face.

I bought LOKIN ROLL for them to sign on, cause I din't bring anything for them to sign. Which saddens me to no end. Amazing things happened to those who had Közi stuff with them. I'm still feeling so unhealthily jealous about that.. hum, I need not to think about that episode really. Anyway, I made them sign on the little paper bag the badges were in because I didn't have time to unwrap the plastic on the cd. Sugiya and Miyu signed. Miyu gave out some flyers and stuff.

Then was Közi, who asked for my hand (I do like the way that sounds), as I realised I didn't shake Sugiya and Miyu's. Oops. His hands were really big, I was kind of surprised XD I remembered the tinyness of Mana's hands, which then just seemed even tinier than before.There I remembered my gifts for them and gave them. I bought high quality French terrine, pâte, you know, all that good shit. And some kick ass fresh bread that I went out of my way to go get before the live. I do wonder if they even took a bite. Probably not. Shrug!

I'm extremely dissapointed that I didn't say what I wanted to say. I'd been practizing what to say in Japanese for days, and I felt great and not nervous when I was standing if front of him but somehow.. I just forgot saying anything. All I said was " Oh I've got o-miyage for everyone to share, here please take!". Blah! Was that it? My big monologue just ended up being about food? wtf? Yeah so I was not very interesting, and I didn't have boobs to spare (thinking about a friend here haha.. he spazed out looking at her cleavage. What a guy. )
Later, when they left for the real live to begin, a friend pointed out Közi had my bag in his hand, which made me.. so happy. It's ridiculous but, I felt terribly happy.
I'm also dissapointed I didn't really get a good look at Közi's eyes, to speak properly. I could only see his fake eyelashes. A bush of fake eyelashes. Boy was he ugly that day, but oh was he sexy.

Then, after Közi, came Jiro. And that guy is a squishy sugar candy bear. He's always smiling that one, he's teribly huggable.

Then came Charge. Oh Charge. He was totally weird and he freaked me out while I just wanted to go hang with him at a bar (whereas I hate alcohol), and he just.. said something in a strange manner, and looking into his lensed eyes just made me even more confused so he ended up putting his hands forward in order for me to shake his hand. I don't know what the hell all the weird talking and gestures were about but I just wanted to tell him "dudem you're just fucking great". Which I could have, and was about to do. But I didn't. WHY? D:

Afterwards, me and the lolis just stood aside showing eachother our autograpgs and what we bought, giggling like litle school girls in the school yard. I love this picture:

I never ever want to loose this feeling of pure child-joy. Fangirling, however much it's unbearable when girls are unstable in their behavior, is a terribly nice feeling. And I want to be able to be a giggling little girl at the age of 70 still.

While waiting for the signing session to be over, and for the presumed photo session to begin (it wasn't sure, it all depended on the time) Charge was checking me out hard time. Which just made me go blank as I always do (seriously, it bosted my ego like woah once again, but I have problems with being checked out. It's creepy.). Then he turned to Jiro while looking at me, to say something about me. Then they both stared at me with those huuuge smiles on their face. I began laughing out loud and just shook my head at them.
I also began wondering if I had really said something terribly stupid when I was in front of them for them to look at me like they did(I did confuse Jiro and Sugiya's names at first, I remember) or if I just looked like a true rock'n'roll groupie ass in my get-up.

When the meet and greet was over, we did have time for a little photo session. And I got a fucking photo with my favourite musician and artist. Unbelievable stuff.

This is really seriously the most beautiful photo I've ever been able to see thus far. And it probably will be for a long long time. I still can't keep my eyes from it. But I can't digest that Közi's face is next to mine, that we're on the same goddamn photo. I basically can't see him. Having Charge there always make me smile but Közi.. it's just too out there for my brain to understand that this is real.

I actually look ok on the photo, and that's a fucking surprise. I always imagined I'd end up looking terrible on a photo if I ever got to do a group shot with some band. Omg!

Aaaaand, concert. I didn't get to be in the front!? Here I was, promising myself, and having been in the front for the charity concert, and then I ended up being like, 3rd? Guh.
But I could see everything, and I had a blast but felt the people being too stoic once again. Seen from the back, that was apparently not the case.
The sound was baaaad, cause it was a huge hall, and the stage was just in a little ass corner. We could hear the guitars alright, but the singing.. didn't matter, we sang along anyway. Boy did we sing along.

I think it's pretty special when a band can manage to be good even when the sound is shit. And it was so good. 
They played. Incoherents, Cruel Arcadia, Crimson star (for the encore too, so 2 times, yeeha!), Honey vanity retromantics club mix, Babylo, something I didn't know, and others I don't remember.
(And Verdi's Dies Irae as intro~)

The concert finished, and there I were, having eaten nothing the whole day, but having gulped down a little bottle of menthol water. And I wasn't hungry, no sir, I was too excited to be hungry (and I still couldn't really eat the days afterward.)

Ben got backstage, which got me all the more excited except that I realized that he could have gotten me backstage too, but that's a no go for Ben, cause hey, he wouldn't have been able to brag in front of me if he let me pass. Gawd.

I greeted everyone goodbye, took my shoes off and went around shouting out loud that I had seen Közi and that I was already feeling the withdrawal of the concert. I felt doooown yo. I wanted more. But, well, it was over and I then went to eat (guh) with the old circle of friends that we used to be. It had been a looong time we hadn't seen each other together like that, and the evening turned out being really nice. We went eating near the Opera, all 8 of us, and we had a blast.

 Unfortunately, my expensive club sandwich I couldn't eat, so I got a doggy bag. And that was it. My day was nearly perfect, and I had a really hard time getting over it. Cause it was grand. And oh. And Közi. I mean. Oh.
The days after, I went into groupie style mode and just wanted black and glitter and 80's kitch.

I saw Közi, I heard him live, I shaked his hand, I got an autograph and I have an effing photo with him. GO, LIFE!