Thursday, February 24, 2011


Aaaaah no posts whatsoever! I have a good reason for that (really, good?) I'm not at home and I can't post any taken photos. It's just boring without any photos right? But I'm so busy eating that I forget to take photos anyway.. it's so good to be out in civilization again T.T They have FOODS!

Well now I'm in the process of applying for a summer job in japan, because I found this: BOOBOOSKI
And why didn't I find that way earlier? Like, this winter. Tears.. I wanted to work in a ski resort, not fry in Okinawa! Oh well, subtropical island is good too ay? The idea is to have secured a job before taking of to Oishii-land, cause then I'd be willing to go alone :3
I'm trying to brush up my shitty japanese for that upcoming phone interview I'll have to pass, scary! But, I think I'll manage. I have to!
More on that when i'll be home again!

Now! Give away!

First give away? That's, a neat, one. Go check it out! Go go!

See you soon, maybe!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back from within myself

Hey I’m back! I kind of neglected blogspot activity cause.. uhm because.. I went into one of my innumerable Rentrer en Soi crisis’. And I forget about the surrounding world when music is number 1.
There is something about this band that just lures me in again and again and amazes me as if it would be the only band I would ever listen to again, even though I know that’s not true.. it doesn’t even figure on my list of “favorite bands”, I just really like them (seriously, I haven’t even ventured to listen to their latest “dark emo scream” period cause that’s just the complete opposite of what I liked about them, the dreamy medieval  theme going on). But the thing that lures me is.. Satsuki. Satsuki’s voice. My goodness his voice. I keep on falling in love with him anew, again and again, like an infernal circle. Juuust because of the voice. Nothing’s more true, talent is the most attractive thing a person can own. I realized just how un-good looking he is this time around though XD But whatever, I’d not say no nonetheless.
He's pretty fine here though. Right, can't see his face.

I mean, I wouldn’t say no to Matt Bellamy, and THAT is kind of scary if you ask me. But most beautiful voice on earth guys, most beautiful voice. Can’t beat that.

Anyway!  I had other things going on, like setting up me and my mom’s new Etsy shop. I put 2 items in yesterday and today somebody already bought one of them ‘_’ Neat! I’ll be sending it off tomorrow~ ufuu
 There’re so many brocantes here and thrift shopping is the only interesting thing around so we always buy too much useless stuff, cause hey it’s about 1 buck for clothing! We then realized we should just sell it, cause we find some pretty neat stuff sometimes. Just the other day my mom bought some beautiful frames. We then took out the image in one and there just so happened to be 2 pages of a newspaper in it. And an old photograph. We opened them all and found another photograph in one of the others. And when I say old, I mean, old. And authentic.

From 1900 and some, not more than 1910. I’m sorry but. That. Is. Cool.
Fun thing about newspapers you just find around in old things, they’re always from around the war. This time it’s from 29. Never from the shiny 70’s or anything XD Nope, war-era all the way!
Welp boring update. I'll go watch this movie called "Tokyo!" now, it looks pretty weird..
HOmgee I can’t believe I still have 3 quarters of Rentrer en Soi’s discography to discover, after all those years... Holy fuck, excitement!! Twitchtwitch