Monday, January 10, 2011

End of Year Holiday spam?

Naah, not even yet! I'm so lazy and don't feel like taking photos of my stuff, I'll probably do that tomorrow.. Maybe.

I decided to try my hand at Suji-Mori! I've always wanted to try but didn't know the name of the "hairstyle that Sakurina rocks", and couldn't find tutorials. Being succesful at this hairstyle isn't just a personel goal, but more specifically a professionnal goal. Wanting to be Hair and Make-up artist, I need to polish up my hair abilities by myself, cause beauty courses in France do not include Hair studies. Shootz!
And if you can do Suji, I consider you can practically do any hairstyle, cause dayumn! Is that just a piece of art!

Note that I do NOT have photoshop so edits will always be butt ugly :D

Ahaha, oh Paint~

It's so bad and doesn't look any like Suji-Mori, but I actually like it. It's just that it looks like a normal wavy hairdo :/ mah.
Plus I have dark hair so that doesn't help making it stand out..
Aah I'll just need to keep on practising! I'll need to have a go on somebody else's scalp. Too bad nobody wanna lend me theirs..

That was a pretty harmless first proper post wasn't it? I'll probably be complaining tomorrow, I've got too much on my mind!

And another one for the road, we'll call it an intro photo: That's me, all casual'n stuff. Hi!
I thought taking it in the toilets would add up on the glamour.


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