Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Give-away at Jeongie's

Ooh mah gaaaad I just discovered this blog through Shabwouina. It’s a Danish pretty girl!! The first Danisher I find here on blogspot! I’m a happy me!
Anyway, she’s having a give away, so go check it out:

Haa~a I still have so many great blogs to discover.
Danish blogs yah?
Hey I miss my home-country 'kay..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Internet: most awesome invention in the space of TIME!

I first have to say that I've gotten a big worry off my mind yesterday.
I was awfully stressed these last months because I had to figure out before March if I wanted to go to school this year, or if I should go to Japan for a year. Before March because that's when I thought the deadline for inscriptions at the school were for (that's in not even 2 months! D: Stress!) But no! I've been corresponding with one of the (super nice) teachers for some time and I found out that the inscriptions begin in January and end in October! But that's not the best part, the best is that: I can enroll into the school one year ahead!! Holy baby jesus! I don't need to worry, I enroll, I go to Japan, I come back and chabam! I'm in make-up school! How life can be sweet sometimes!
But when one worry's off your mind another takes over. Now I'm shaking and nerveous and oh I'm so alive! There's so much to do before leaving! In March or April. Or May maybe. I've no idea yet. But it doesn't matter~~~
I just do not realize cause well, I'm sure somethings gonna screw this over for me. Mah, I'll wait and see. Cool Angie, cool.

Now to the title of this post. Yes, internet is the essentiel power of what we know as "awesomeness".
Let me tell this little story that happened in Japan, and that happens for a lot of foreign girls x)

I was strolling trough Takeshita, oblivious cause we had to hurry, when this older guy in front of Daiso came over shouting the eternal "kawaii" at me and other stuff I didn't understand. He understood me no understand. So he switched to english but just let me go. He was a model recruter.
Another day in that week, I went to Takeshita again (oh surprise..). He was there again at Daiso. He stopped me and asked the standard questions about me being in Japan. Just being a tourist he just let me go again, with a pout.

Some days after!! Oh yeah, once again! I was at Paris Kids outside of the store, when he saw me from afar, not recognizing me, and came running to me asking the same questions when I told him he'd already done that twice and tried to get me to join the agency. He didn't remember but said it must really mean that I need to be in that darn agency if he keeps doing it. So we began to chat and he gave me 2 different cards, his and another agency's for foreign models that he wanted me to join especially cause then I could earn money just being a model. Well I'm not too much for the big modelling world :/

We talked about how I couldn't stay in Japan cause I had to think about my future career but that I'd probably come back to Japan after getting my "diploma". He then told me to contact him as soon as I'd think I'd go back to Japan because he really wanted me in the agency.
I came back some hours later and he was at the point of stopping me again, before realising it's just me again ufufu XD;

Now I think it's pretty convenient that I actually go back to Japan in the span of a year, as he wanted me to, and not 3 years later. I thought it was mission impossible. Well what do ya know..
Only problem: I do NOT remember which one is his card.. I guess he couldn't be hiding behind the name "Hitomi" ahaha. But maybe he's not the boss..?

My stories are always too long..
Ok so "internetz great" thing!
I of course had worries about this Spiral Entertainment being a not so serious agency, so I began researching when still in Japan, and found out that Aoki Misako (most famous lolita model) was under their agency. Too good to be true? I thought so. I couldn't find anywhere on the net anything about her really being under Spiral Entertainment. I asked not so long ago on the egl community on LJ, and got a not very interesting answer. I decided to go to their official site for the last time to see if I could maybe find the blogs of other models and see if they list the agency somewhere under it. I scrool down and there.. I see the katakana for "Jennifer". The photo displays. It's HER! The french girl working in Shibuya!! So I worked the internet magic, went on facebook, found Fredrick searched "Jennifer" in his friends and Tadaaa! Found her. I've sent her a message and I hope she'll answer. I can't see why she wouldn't but you never know..

Oooh I'm so excited! I don't really want to be model but it's nice knowing before going that you can at least have a minor source of incomst. Maybe!

In some days I'll be posting a 2 post serie about Animal Rights. Some animal rights. Yeah you saw that one coming, we're getting serious here ladies!
I just have a hard time sorting my thoughts cause everything's under construction up there, and I have to actually make them look good written down. I'm working on it!

PS: There's 2 girls who're in Popteen under that agency!! Oooohoho Arisa! <3
Spiral Entertainment OHP


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Iiiigh surprise! Blog Award!

Would I have expected this? Never! After 2 posts I get a blog award, hehe. I'm very grateful to Ragrunzel for this <3

It will indeed boost me to write stuff about what lies dear to me. We always need to know someone cares to go on~ So thank you, I'll do my best!

yey German <3

"Create a new post with the "Favourite-Blog"-Picture and the instruction in it
(you're reading the instruction right now^^).
You should also link the person's blog who gave the award to you and tell her via comment that you accept the award (plus link to your award-post).
Then you think about 3-5 blogs you like and link them in this post,too (don't forget to inform them that they got tagged)."

Credit for this translation goes to Gyaru-Mika

This Award goes toooo:

Green eyed Geisha Crazy and witty blog about a kaisha employee, that I guess most people know of. If not, get over there and read it!

Ylva- Because her everyday life seems so interesting and mellow over there in Japan, and I loove to read about it <3

Jae - Fake.Lashes. Duh! Nah really, lots of cosmetic reviews, and I say yey for that!

That's it! I'm still getting to know my way around here on blogspot, and I'll probably find a lot of interesting blogs. I just need to find out how on earth you can search this site. If you even can.


The other day I went.. Shopping. Kind of, even though I don't harass my mother to go to any kind of a big city to shop (not a big shopper, but a big coordinator!), just rather to get the hell out! XD Oh reclusion..
But I did end up buying something! I rarely do, and I wasn't really supposed to this time since I need to hold on tight to my money.. Fuckala~
This time I found the preeetty dress I wanted from Zara and that I was supposed to get for christmas~ yeyey. T'was sold out in the other store so woohoo! Plus now it was on sale, extra points for that. Somebody must love me in the end <3

Then we stumbled across this shop called "Gossip". That's the kind of name that'll normally scare me off but we went in and looord! It just so happened to be one of those shops where you cry out  "cute" over and OVER again until you get sick of yourself. And I found this blouse that is exactly what I've been looking for, and it was not that expensive! Plus it isn't entirely see-trough so it's also useful for winter ohoho~
I love more than any other tops, chiffon blouses <3 Cotton ones do nothing for me anymore
But I honestly wanted to purchase the whole store.. like, really.

Then we had to find something for my cousins 6 months old boy who's getting dubbed.. uh today. Already. I couldn't go, them being in god ol' Denmark, me being in the Middle Age of south France. She did propose to pay for me to get there, as she found a really inexpensive ticket. But it would have costed too much to get up to Paris first and then food and rarah.. *sigh* I really wanted to go.
Instead we found some clothes for him. We wanted to find a sailor uniform, there's nothing cuter than that for boys, but we couldn't find any. So I nice simili-velvet set would do. It's cute enough. Need to get it posted, now!

Mirror. Disgusting.
Outfit for the day. Nothing exciting again. I must say, I already barely ever get to go out, but when I finally do, I have someone behind my back telling me to hurry as though we were in life danger. 


Thursday, January 13, 2011

No eyelashes, no sleep

The 2 aren't related. I think?

I've had the most unbearable sleeping problems for the last 2 years. It's become worse and worse, until now where I sleep 12 hours a day (I could sleep far more than that really), I don't even subconsciously hear my alarm ring 5 times in a row with the volume on max, I'm dead asleep. And I even have troubles to fall asleep. That's a first for me.
I decided I need to go see a doctor, before I go back to real everyday life, cause being late at work everyday is not cool. But I don't want medecine, just some explanations and advice :/ it's getting on my nerves, we're already loosing far too much time of our lives by sleeping, and I have to go to the extent of sleeping half a day.

Other than that, I've been craving mooaaar fake lashes since coming home from Japan. To think it's been almost a year T.T and I'm realizing we're in January, holy shit! How did that happen?

I didn't buy that many over there, but it's fun how I ended up buying several things that are gyaru classics, without knowing! I bought Diamond Lashes <3 And my lash glue just so happens to be D.U.P., that I see people talk about as the best of the bests. I thought that was quite funny. I didn't spend a big amount on the glue for nothing!
Cause oh boy is glue and eyelashes just expensive and unusable big pieces of crap here in France.

I really want Emika Kanda's eyelashes, even though sometimes they look.. weird.
The lower lashes seem to be the Diamond princess ones I have <3 too bad they do not look anything like that on me, hah.
She is soo cuuuuute! Besides Sakurina (who is my godess between), I think she's one of my faves. She has that magical gyaru thing going on XD a concept I'm still working on!

And as many many other girls I want Kumicky's. Now we do know what she uses normally, Diamond Lashes Dolly Eye, but when I see them on others they just seem very short and spider like. I'm sure she uses extra lashes for the corners..

Now here, I'd like the number 6 ones.. and I do believe that's Emika's eye. What is iiit, I wanna knooow! WHINE!

Photos from ohyeahgyaru and lovekumicky tumblr

Oooh lashes LASHES! I shouldn't buy any, I need to save money..

Tomorrow, I need to be productive. Instead of doing nothing all day, I'm so sick of being such a dead piece of meat T.T

Anchu ❤

Monday, January 10, 2011

End of Year Holiday spam?

Naah, not even yet! I'm so lazy and don't feel like taking photos of my stuff, I'll probably do that tomorrow.. Maybe.

I decided to try my hand at Suji-Mori! I've always wanted to try but didn't know the name of the "hairstyle that Sakurina rocks", and couldn't find tutorials. Being succesful at this hairstyle isn't just a personel goal, but more specifically a professionnal goal. Wanting to be Hair and Make-up artist, I need to polish up my hair abilities by myself, cause beauty courses in France do not include Hair studies. Shootz!
And if you can do Suji, I consider you can practically do any hairstyle, cause dayumn! Is that just a piece of art!

Note that I do NOT have photoshop so edits will always be butt ugly :D

Ahaha, oh Paint~

It's so bad and doesn't look any like Suji-Mori, but I actually like it. It's just that it looks like a normal wavy hairdo :/ mah.
Plus I have dark hair so that doesn't help making it stand out..
Aah I'll just need to keep on practising! I'll need to have a go on somebody else's scalp. Too bad nobody wanna lend me theirs..

That was a pretty harmless first proper post wasn't it? I'll probably be complaining tomorrow, I've got too much on my mind!

And another one for the road, we'll call it an intro photo: That's me, all casual'n stuff. Hi!
I thought taking it in the toilets would add up on the glamour.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

First post, Hello Folks!

I figured the finalizing of my layout takes way more time than expected so I'll just get the blog started!

I used to be on livejournal but hence lj's dead and only the communities are kind of going (..not so much) I decided after much hesitation to open an account on here.  I still have my lj for other kind of random nonsensial stuff though:

I wanted to switch to blogspot also because there's a whole lot of blogs I enjoy reading here! And I thought the layout was easier to do.. LOL.
But anyway I'm happy to be on here, and I hope I'll cyber-meet a lot of new people yyeepeeee! :D

This isn't a lifestyle blog or anything fancy though, there's only gonna be a tiny bit more consistence to it . But I can't even promise that, hah!

Other than talking about artifices and recipes as stated in my profile, there'll also be some about anything related to Mana, Közi and alicenine. <3

Please bear with me!


PS: Blogger is a google thing, WUT!? I guess I'll be contributing to their huge ass empire a bit more then. Sigh