Saturday, January 22, 2011

Iiiigh surprise! Blog Award!

Would I have expected this? Never! After 2 posts I get a blog award, hehe. I'm very grateful to Ragrunzel for this <3

It will indeed boost me to write stuff about what lies dear to me. We always need to know someone cares to go on~ So thank you, I'll do my best!

yey German <3

"Create a new post with the "Favourite-Blog"-Picture and the instruction in it
(you're reading the instruction right now^^).
You should also link the person's blog who gave the award to you and tell her via comment that you accept the award (plus link to your award-post).
Then you think about 3-5 blogs you like and link them in this post,too (don't forget to inform them that they got tagged)."

Credit for this translation goes to Gyaru-Mika

This Award goes toooo:

Green eyed Geisha Crazy and witty blog about a kaisha employee, that I guess most people know of. If not, get over there and read it!

Ylva- Because her everyday life seems so interesting and mellow over there in Japan, and I loove to read about it <3

Jae - Fake.Lashes. Duh! Nah really, lots of cosmetic reviews, and I say yey for that!

That's it! I'm still getting to know my way around here on blogspot, and I'll probably find a lot of interesting blogs. I just need to find out how on earth you can search this site. If you even can.


The other day I went.. Shopping. Kind of, even though I don't harass my mother to go to any kind of a big city to shop (not a big shopper, but a big coordinator!), just rather to get the hell out! XD Oh reclusion..
But I did end up buying something! I rarely do, and I wasn't really supposed to this time since I need to hold on tight to my money.. Fuckala~
This time I found the preeetty dress I wanted from Zara and that I was supposed to get for christmas~ yeyey. T'was sold out in the other store so woohoo! Plus now it was on sale, extra points for that. Somebody must love me in the end <3

Then we stumbled across this shop called "Gossip". That's the kind of name that'll normally scare me off but we went in and looord! It just so happened to be one of those shops where you cry out  "cute" over and OVER again until you get sick of yourself. And I found this blouse that is exactly what I've been looking for, and it was not that expensive! Plus it isn't entirely see-trough so it's also useful for winter ohoho~
I love more than any other tops, chiffon blouses <3 Cotton ones do nothing for me anymore
But I honestly wanted to purchase the whole store.. like, really.

Then we had to find something for my cousins 6 months old boy who's getting dubbed.. uh today. Already. I couldn't go, them being in god ol' Denmark, me being in the Middle Age of south France. She did propose to pay for me to get there, as she found a really inexpensive ticket. But it would have costed too much to get up to Paris first and then food and rarah.. *sigh* I really wanted to go.
Instead we found some clothes for him. We wanted to find a sailor uniform, there's nothing cuter than that for boys, but we couldn't find any. So I nice simili-velvet set would do. It's cute enough. Need to get it posted, now!

Mirror. Disgusting.
Outfit for the day. Nothing exciting again. I must say, I already barely ever get to go out, but when I finally do, I have someone behind my back telling me to hurry as though we were in life danger. 



  1. Hi~~

    Thank you very much for your comment to my blog~^^

    You're thinking about a WH year in Japan?
    Have you ever been to Japan before?^^

    The only advice I can give you is: make sure you have enough money to survive the first months and don't let you bring down if you cannot find a job immediately!^^
    My Japanese level is JLPT 2, but I have foreign friends who couldn't speak much Japanese when they came to Japan but became quickly fluent when they found a job.^^

  2. Hiya thanks for the blog award thingy! I'm happy that you like my blog, I'm actually kinda suprised that people wants to read my ramblings at all haha.

    Also I like your style, it's very cute!

  3. You're welcome! ^3^ Nothing to be surprised 'bout, your blog's relax and depicts a pretty realistic life of a young girl in Tokyo. That's why people like it I guess!

    And thank you! I like your onii thing going on with a very personal style x)

  4. désolé de répondre que maintenant pc a l'hopital xD

    J'espère qu'il survivra aux blessures de guerre que je lui est infligé

    KIKO c'est une boutique qui se trouve a st lazare (passage du havre)de make up c'est lègerement moins cher que sephora et sa ma l'air tout aussi bien :)

    rapport aux faux cils, il y en a beaucoup mais je suis pas sur que la qualité suive :/

    sinon tes achats la je suis fan
    c'est vraiment THE style que j'aime
    le petit coté romantique vintage <3
    surtout ta robe Zara ^.^