Saturday, January 8, 2011

First post, Hello Folks!

I figured the finalizing of my layout takes way more time than expected so I'll just get the blog started!

I used to be on livejournal but hence lj's dead and only the communities are kind of going (..not so much) I decided after much hesitation to open an account on here.  I still have my lj for other kind of random nonsensial stuff though:

I wanted to switch to blogspot also because there's a whole lot of blogs I enjoy reading here! And I thought the layout was easier to do.. LOL.
But anyway I'm happy to be on here, and I hope I'll cyber-meet a lot of new people yyeepeeee! :D

This isn't a lifestyle blog or anything fancy though, there's only gonna be a tiny bit more consistence to it . But I can't even promise that, hah!

Other than talking about artifices and recipes as stated in my profile, there'll also be some about anything related to Mana, Közi and alicenine. <3

Please bear with me!


PS: Blogger is a google thing, WUT!? I guess I'll be contributing to their huge ass empire a bit more then. Sigh

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