Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Internet: most awesome invention in the space of TIME!

I first have to say that I've gotten a big worry off my mind yesterday.
I was awfully stressed these last months because I had to figure out before March if I wanted to go to school this year, or if I should go to Japan for a year. Before March because that's when I thought the deadline for inscriptions at the school were for (that's in not even 2 months! D: Stress!) But no! I've been corresponding with one of the (super nice) teachers for some time and I found out that the inscriptions begin in January and end in October! But that's not the best part, the best is that: I can enroll into the school one year ahead!! Holy baby jesus! I don't need to worry, I enroll, I go to Japan, I come back and chabam! I'm in make-up school! How life can be sweet sometimes!
But when one worry's off your mind another takes over. Now I'm shaking and nerveous and oh I'm so alive! There's so much to do before leaving! In March or April. Or May maybe. I've no idea yet. But it doesn't matter~~~
I just do not realize cause well, I'm sure somethings gonna screw this over for me. Mah, I'll wait and see. Cool Angie, cool.

Now to the title of this post. Yes, internet is the essentiel power of what we know as "awesomeness".
Let me tell this little story that happened in Japan, and that happens for a lot of foreign girls x)

I was strolling trough Takeshita, oblivious cause we had to hurry, when this older guy in front of Daiso came over shouting the eternal "kawaii" at me and other stuff I didn't understand. He understood me no understand. So he switched to english but just let me go. He was a model recruter.
Another day in that week, I went to Takeshita again (oh surprise..). He was there again at Daiso. He stopped me and asked the standard questions about me being in Japan. Just being a tourist he just let me go again, with a pout.

Some days after!! Oh yeah, once again! I was at Paris Kids outside of the store, when he saw me from afar, not recognizing me, and came running to me asking the same questions when I told him he'd already done that twice and tried to get me to join the agency. He didn't remember but said it must really mean that I need to be in that darn agency if he keeps doing it. So we began to chat and he gave me 2 different cards, his and another agency's for foreign models that he wanted me to join especially cause then I could earn money just being a model. Well I'm not too much for the big modelling world :/

We talked about how I couldn't stay in Japan cause I had to think about my future career but that I'd probably come back to Japan after getting my "diploma". He then told me to contact him as soon as I'd think I'd go back to Japan because he really wanted me in the agency.
I came back some hours later and he was at the point of stopping me again, before realising it's just me again ufufu XD;

Now I think it's pretty convenient that I actually go back to Japan in the span of a year, as he wanted me to, and not 3 years later. I thought it was mission impossible. Well what do ya know..
Only problem: I do NOT remember which one is his card.. I guess he couldn't be hiding behind the name "Hitomi" ahaha. But maybe he's not the boss..?

My stories are always too long..
Ok so "internetz great" thing!
I of course had worries about this Spiral Entertainment being a not so serious agency, so I began researching when still in Japan, and found out that Aoki Misako (most famous lolita model) was under their agency. Too good to be true? I thought so. I couldn't find anywhere on the net anything about her really being under Spiral Entertainment. I asked not so long ago on the egl community on LJ, and got a not very interesting answer. I decided to go to their official site for the last time to see if I could maybe find the blogs of other models and see if they list the agency somewhere under it. I scrool down and there.. I see the katakana for "Jennifer". The photo displays. It's HER! The french girl working in Shibuya!! So I worked the internet magic, went on facebook, found Fredrick searched "Jennifer" in his friends and Tadaaa! Found her. I've sent her a message and I hope she'll answer. I can't see why she wouldn't but you never know..

Oooh I'm so excited! I don't really want to be model but it's nice knowing before going that you can at least have a minor source of incomst. Maybe!

In some days I'll be posting a 2 post serie about Animal Rights. Some animal rights. Yeah you saw that one coming, we're getting serious here ladies!
I just have a hard time sorting my thoughts cause everything's under construction up there, and I have to actually make them look good written down. I'm working on it!

PS: There's 2 girls who're in Popteen under that agency!! Oooohoho Arisa! <3
Spiral Entertainment OHP


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