Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Közi's coming to France

I need to slam my head against something over and over cause it can't sink in.


My blood pressure is so high right now that I have a bad headache. I was finally going to Japan, and thus would be able to see Közi over there, even though that too was too difficult for my mind to understand. I've always been intimely convinced that I'll never see him, even when it's clear I'm really going to. And now he comes to France just before me going to Japan. Oh life, LIFE! We hardcore fans have been dreaming for him to come to Europe for years. Not even waiting, cause it seemed impossible, just merely dreaming. And he's coming. Process that neurons.

That's the one, alcoholic freak.

It's in a lousy manga convention, so there'll be bunny girls and hysteric otakus, but what do I care, I'm here for the MAN! Psycho bitch, I'm gonna hear you perform and see you wiggle and walk in that way only you can. My heart will explode indeed. I'm even considering I'll maybe be on the verge of tears. Eek.

There were so many things I wanted to talk about lately, but when there's too much to talk about, I just don't post at all XD Well, maybe a post tomorrow, I hope so! And then I'll probably talk about Nodame Cantabile afterwards cause that drama stole my soul.
And, home-made cosmetics coming up! Yey!

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