Thursday, February 24, 2011


Aaaaah no posts whatsoever! I have a good reason for that (really, good?) I'm not at home and I can't post any taken photos. It's just boring without any photos right? But I'm so busy eating that I forget to take photos anyway.. it's so good to be out in civilization again T.T They have FOODS!

Well now I'm in the process of applying for a summer job in japan, because I found this: BOOBOOSKI
And why didn't I find that way earlier? Like, this winter. Tears.. I wanted to work in a ski resort, not fry in Okinawa! Oh well, subtropical island is good too ay? The idea is to have secured a job before taking of to Oishii-land, cause then I'd be willing to go alone :3
I'm trying to brush up my shitty japanese for that upcoming phone interview I'll have to pass, scary! But, I think I'll manage. I have to!
More on that when i'll be home again!

Now! Give away!

First give away? That's, a neat, one. Go check it out! Go go!

See you soon, maybe!

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  1. Oh wow, good luck for that job interview!
    Hope you don't mind if I "steal" that giveaway >:D LASHESSS!!!