Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I think that as most Japanophile bloggers, I haven't been in a blogging mood. It seems the situation is a bit more under control, even though we don't really know what's going to happen still, if it's really over or..what. But I think it'll be okay anyway, I'm optimistic like that :/ But what actually made me feel even more down is that I’ve begun to re-think about our over-consumption of electricity which just has the power to make me flip out and sulk over our industrial self-destructing lifes. And it of course doesn’t help that I currently live with 2 of the most  comfort-obsessed beings I know. Oh they wont feel concerned when they talk about the future of nuclear on tv, they’ll just go ahead and leave all lights on in the house and not think abut the fact that there’s a thing called “switch button”. What an exotic little thing that one.
Booah, I’ll just go ahead and talk about frivolities, to cleaaar my mind!
So! Közi’ll probably be one radioactive little bitch but he’s  still coming to France. Yey god damn!! I don’t know WHY he’s coming to France, yet alone.. well, alone, cause he’s in a band now. And at a convention..  but he’ll be here and I’ll see him and it will be grand and I’ll be happy and giddy and hyper. I can’t believe I’m going to see Közi. In France.
Now the big question, and you know it, is.
What do I WEAR?
Another old question: do I “fit in” or go “contra style”? Black rock slut look or Pink and black vintage ruffles? Let’s see that in photos.

Which one, which one? :D
I haven't found the accesories yet.. we all know that's what makes an outfit. I'll probably do that in the last second as always!

I also finally got my clip-ons for my extensions so I've been able to finish them and pop them on after I died them red with a bit of a pink tint to them <3 (dieng them from dirty blonde to red made them the exact color I would like my hair to be though..sigh) Problem is.. my hairstyle is not appropriate for extensions so I need to get them done. But I wanted an A line bob T.T I can't get that if I want to wear extensions!

Other than that, I do not know what will happen for this summer, can I go to Japan, or should I go to Denmark instead? I sure wanna go to Japan..
For the moment, I know i'll be far away from this isolated mountain we're living on in a week, far away from the idiot my mother married, and that's pretty much enough to make me squeal.

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