Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting a job and finding the best roomie. (Getting a life, more accurately)

I got the job! So now I work in a place that used to be like a pilgrimage place for me, hah.
In the first 4 days I was euphoric, I was so excited about this job. On the 5th day I was already fed up with it. Routine is fast to come, but what really bothers me is my terribly boring co-workers. Why you no sing and dance with me grrlz? D:

So it was where the lolita meet-up took place and I did say I'd put the photos up so here they are~

Dessert glass: Strawberry mousse with chocolate mousse and cake base topped with fresh strawberrys, and a big greasy hot chocolate (and I'd like to insist on the greasyness of this chocolate, I've seen it cold right from the refrigerator... ew <3 )

I do not remember all of their names but most of them I do. But I'll leave that out for now.
I showed them the place in front of the Opera house where there were this Mana cosplay on the artsy fartsy wall depicting nazism in a retro way. I don't remember the name of the artist but I remember I saw it on the Scape forums. We were lucky that we catched the wall while it was still there, 2 days afterwards it was down x)

As always I never get good photos of my outfits but.. blah.

JSK. Angelic Pretty's Pop something something.
Blouse: Btssb
Shoes: Pleaser's Bordello.
Everything else: Whatever.

The Bordello Shoes were a big hit as always. I love them, those red bitches.

Besides that, everything is going so easy for me, I don't really know what's happening. I got a job in a span of 1 month and a half, and then I find a room just by the snap of a finger. Magic happens I tell you.
The first room I visited was in a cute little appartment, the room was big, and it's located in the district where I used to live in Copenhagen as a kid. Where all my best memories lie. The tenant, Mia, just happened to be the nicest, cutest girl and we clicked instantly. I stayed for more than an hour to chat and she came late for school. Oops. We have so much in common, and that came as a shock for me as it's so rare that random people I meet are either into Japan, alternative fashions or the 50's.

And, I got the room. See, this goes too smoothly. One room visited, one room GET!

I'm moving today actually ☆ I'm excited and anxious. It's going to be so nice living with my new roomie, and it's a delicious feeling to know that the excitement of living together is mutual. The "OMGz can't wait!!" texts are endless between us haha.

Oh and 10 minutes of public transports in the evening from now on instead of 3 hours? I say yes.

I need a bike. Hahahihhihu~~☆❤✰


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