Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Denmark Hygge.

So I'm here in tiny small little Denmark, out in the country side, where I pretty much spend my time biking back and forth from the library. Cause biking is fantastic. And I need the internet. It's pretty ironic, in France I've got an old internet connection, here I've got none at all at my cousin's house. Internet curse pursues me.

I've been here for, actually, almost 3 months! Gah. I started searching for a job about a month and a half ago and I've got quite some get-backs already. People kept telling me it's terribly difficult to get a job in Denmark, because of the international PLUS national economic crisis. Half of the danish population is unemployed apparently. Welp, seems like it's not all that difficult, it's going SO much better than in Paris. I got like 3 job interviews in the span of 2 years and some over there, and that was only in the Sales period. No real job.
It does seem that finding a full time job here is very difficult. Either they just don't have full time employees, either they've reached their quota needed. So I see that as a great opportunity to combo up on jobs :D Which is way more fun I'd say. And I meet more peoplez that way. AND I get a double experience to slam on my CV later on. BOOYAH!! In your face, France!

While here I've met up with my cousin Anette, who used to be like my sister and I's older sibling. We hang out with her constantly and my mother and her were very close. Then it happened that my mother broke off the relationship, as she always does as soon as something displeases her a tiny bit, and me and my sister didn't get to see her anymore. It had been 8 years since last and I was REALLY nervous about meeting her. But, she was the same as always and I had a grrrreat time talking with her while sharing a cheesecake and slurping elderberry sirop. I practically didn't shut up during the whole afternoon, which is really strange coming from me.
I do have a hard time figuring out what kind of relationship we can have now, as I, the kid, has grown up and we're now 2 adults.It would have been easy if we'd kept on seeing eachother during my teenage years, but we haven't and so it's quite hard finding the right balance.
Talking about love and relationships is weird, going out to get a cocktail seems off. We've ended up being almost 2 strangers who'll have to discover eachother over time. And that is really sad.

Random Denmark photo time!

This is fucking Hogwarts! Some über-rich-families school for kids from all over the world. It's just next to my cousin's so I go there for walks and whatnot. They stay there while their parents travel the world doing serious business. And they've got uniforms and all. Needless to say, I can't stop myself from staring at them whenever I see them. uuniiifooorms <3 And there's a river and a forest on the other side of the river and this big green ground and benches at which they sit down having lunch and ARGH HOGWARTS!!!

 One of the best things on earth: Strawberry purée with fresh cream. OMG.

Cinnamonroll and O'Boy cocoa. Mmyum.

Got a package from my mother with warm clothes and MON+AMOUR Madousho's! I still need #70 though. And the holder and pendant. I'll never get those, for sure.

 I'm crazy about this sight.This enveloppe. It's adressed to The Royal Theater of Copenhagen, which is the place of my childhood dreams, and the stamp is of my favourite children's program. Bamse og Kylling <3
I'm trying to get a student job over there and I sure do hope I'll get an answer. I so wanna be a part of The Royal Theater once again. It represents all my shattered dreams.

Aaaanyway, I've got a job interview tomorrow at Disney Store (Yey!), and on Friday and Saturday I've got a job try out at a Tea Salon. The very same tea salon at which I went with a bunch of Danish lolitas some days ago x) I'm happy we went there, I really hope they'll keep me. A Lolita working at a tea salon, woopie!!